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The company participates in Liuzhou intravenous Industry Investment Development Forum

     On Nov. 30, at the invitation of Liuzhou Environmental Protection Bureau, our company participated in Liuzhou Vein Industry Investment Development Forum and the Third Party Management of Environmental Pollution Supply and Demand Docking Fair. This development forum attracted more than 250 local enterprises and more than 40 representatives of national environmental service companies to collide with each other, which jointly promoted the establishment of a new model of third-party environmental pollution control in Liuzhou.

      Vein industry is an industry of garbage recycling and recycling, also known as "vein economy". The essence is to use the concept of circular economy to coordinate the two development problems --"excess garbage" and "shortage of resources". Through the recycling of garbage and the utilization of resources, "waste into treasure", the natural resources will eventually retreat to the status of reserve supply sources, and the natural ecosystem will enter a virtuous cycle.

      The development forum, sponsored by the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, was held for the first time in Liuzhou with the theme of "third-party governance of environmental pollution". The aim is to promote the third-party governance of environmental pollution in Liuzhou, to promote the marketization and specialization of environmental protection work in Liuzhou. The government and enterprises work hand in hand to protect the business card of "Zhongshan is the most beautiful industrial city in Liuzhou, and the strongest industrial city in landscape city". Our company attaches great importance to the development forum. General Manager Li personally led the team to participate in the forum and conducted in-depth exchanges with experts and scholars attending the forum.

At the meeting, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. and our company reached the intention of cooperation and successfully signed the contract. Other companies that have reached the intention of cooperation have successfully completed the signing of the contract.

     Promoting the third-party governance of environmental pollution is an important driving force for the marketization and specialization of environmental protection in China. Since the promulgation of this policy by the State Council, it has been recognized and praised by all sectors of society. Our company is committed to building professional water treatment services, and has accumulated many years of experience in the treatment of painting wastewater. It has long served large automobile enterprises such as SAIC General Motors Wuling and Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile, and has been widely praised by customers. The invitation of Liuzhou Environmental Protection Bureau to participate in this development forum reflects our professional standards and service quality in the water treatment service industry.

     After the development forum, Liuzhou people's government website, Xinhua network, Liuzhou news network, the first environmental protection network and other major media websites have reported, you are interested in searching and viewing the relevant content.


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