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Propagation Positive Ability --- Qiao Dongming's Gold Acquisition

       Let's pretend to be class leader of Dongming at Baojun site in Liuzhou! He not only found his wallet, but also handed it to the workshop decisively without any thought after he found it.。。。

       After the workshop issued a search notice, contacted the owner, the owner learned that his wallet was lost and recovered, simply like to run all over the world, repeatedly thank you.
This kind of spirit of capturing money without ignorance of class leader has carried forward the traditional virtues of China and embodied the company's daily characteristics of taking morality as the first priority. For this reason, the company held an award ceremony at Baojun site to spread the spirit of collecting money.

       On August 29, 2016, manager Lin, Baojun's on-site director, presided over the award ceremony.

         Mr. Chen Zhaobo, the manager of the painting workshop, was honored to give a speech and award at the award ceremony.

          Workshop manager Chen Zhaobo and company Baojun site manager Lin Qiuying, together for Chen Dongming awarded honorary certificates, trophies and bonuses!

         Workshop manager Chen Zhaobo highly appreciated the money-picking behavior of Zhedong Ming. At the same time, he also appreciated and praised everyone's work results and good working atmosphere. All the staff present listened carefully and applauded from time to time.

Mr. Tan Dongming


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