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Coagulant for paint mist (special for solvent paint)

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 Paint mist coagulant (oiliness agent) is a liquid coagulant, which can completely remove the stickiness of paint and the emulsification of circulating water. Particularly suitable for automotive and automotive plastic parts manufacturing industry in the use of one or two components of solvent-based paint. Depending on the type of paint, the equipment system and the amount of paint added, customers can choose to float or sink the paint residue.



Appearance                         Pale creamy liquid

component                         Polymers and Inorganic Salts

density/20℃ g/cm3              1.03 ±0.2

pH(10% aqueous solution)            3.2 ±0.5


Usage method:

 Coagulant of paint mist (oiliness agent) can be directly manually or automatically added into the circulating water of the system by feeding pump. When treating solvent-based paint, the pH value should be controlled between 8 and 8.5. If there is foam in the reaction process, we can add our defoamer and use it together. Please refer to our product instructions for the specific use plan.



The dosage varies according to the type of paint. Generally speaking, the initial groove allocation is 0.1% - 0.3% of the total amount of circulating water as paint mist coagulant (oiliness agent); the follow-up dosage is 1 liter of paint mist coagulant (oiliness agent) to treat 5-20 kg of Over-sprayed paint.